With the realms of search expanding from the desktop to ipads, tablets and mobiles, it is no surprise that these aspects of search marketing are constantly evolving to keep up with the ever changing functions of search using these more modern methods. At the search marketing group we are often intrigued to read about a Google development that has often been dubbed creepy. This development is Google Now.

The search giant states that Google Now offers the right info at just the right time. The predictive search service collects personal information and combines this with publicly available information to provide you with personalised and relevant search results, sometimes before you have even thought about searching.

The search development, originally released last June, uses your personal information from your Gmail account, Google Calendar, Google + and Google Finance. Information taken from your Gmail account, such as flight confirmations, hotel reservations and other relevant information is combined with public information to provide tailored results.

For example, if you had booked a flight and the confirmation was sent to your Gmail account, Google Now would therefore ‘know’ that you are scheduled to be on a specific flight and so would watch public sources for any delays or general flight updates. This feature may be extremely useful if you are in a situation that requires particular results ASAP, such as travelling. The search marketing nemesis has even plugged Google Now to help you ‘be a local’ by providing transit information, currency news and places of interest alongside displaying weather results, managing your day and helping you to stay connected.

The development was originally one of Google’s renowned “20% time” project. That is, engineers were allowed to spend a maximum of 20% of their work time on these projects. The project was developed by Baris Gultekin and Andrew Kimise who were originally part of the Google Maps team. Google has since scrapped its “20% time” projects and has fully dedicated teams to each of its developments. It is no secret that the search giant is constantly working on algorithm updates so make sure you and your website are not hit by an update penalty by commissioning an ethical search marketing company to deal with all of your online marketing.