Search marketing: E-commerce spending figures are up!

January 25, 2012 - Digital State Marketing

Search marketing figures have shown that although some high street shops are finding it hard there has been an increase in online sales year on year. The major retailer Next has recently released its annual sales report and has shown that although Next has received a poor showing in the stores themselves with a fall of 2.7%, they have seen a rise in sales online by 3.1% between August and December 2011, the same period in 2010 saw the high street stung by the severe weather finding shoppers preferred to stay at home and shop online rather than hitting the high street in the cold, it is possible that this helped to build up people’s confidence in shopping online as it gave them an alternative from their own home.

Analysts in the search marketing industry have forecast a struggle for many high street chains over the coming years as a combination of the economic climate and technology having a huge impact on how and where consumers are spending their money. Many stores have seen disappointing sales especially post-Christmas which usually sees many consumers hitting the high street for the discounted goods. Many high street chains also began their sales earlier than in previous years in hope they would bring in more customers; this may be seen as a sign of desperation. It has been reported that in 2012 retail companies such as those that sell furniture, electrical goods, and fashion chains are going to be hit the hardest, and entertainment stores that sell dvd’s and cd’s will also feel the pinch especially with the competition there is online nowadays.

The recent reports that have been released by a number of popular high street chains showing the importance of the access of products online, if you have a website for your company it is important that you are using search engine optimisation to make sure that your website is ranked highly on the search engines and so it is being seen by customers looking to buy your products, if you are not using any form of search marketing it is unlikely that prospective customers are seeing your website when they type in a search term. If your company is based purely online and you do not have a store on the high street, your website is your primary form of income and it is important that you market it accordingly. If you are looking for a Search Marketing Company the Digital State Marketing is who you need, we can offer you our professional services to help your website move up the rankings and improve the amount of traffic your website is receiving.