Search Marketing: Facebook’s attempt to protect teenagers online

//Search Marketing: Facebook’s attempt to protect teenagers online

Search Marketing: Facebook’s attempt to protect teenagers online

Even those that are unfamiliar with search marketing, the online world and social media will be able to recognise the renowned Facebook logo. With the social networking site having around 1 billion users worldwide it is no surprise that the site has a heavy presence within the media for a whole host of reasons, both positive and negative.

With the vast majority of teenagers holding a profile on the social site, Facebook have teamed up with 19 US attorneys to launch a newly developed privacy public awareness campaign to help to educate teenagers on staying safe whilst using the most popular form of social media. The new campaign was recently announced during the National Association of Attorneys General sponsored conference devoted entirely to digital privacy.

Whilst the giant is a social media site, Facebook can unfortunately be used for anti-social purposes. Online bullying through the site is a common occurrence that can lead to disastrous consequences. Such antisocial online behaviour also includes the viral shaming of young women which has even led to the unfortunate suicides of multiple teenage girls.

Whilst online, people can take on a different persona as to the one they have in real life which has led to a “keyboard warrior” culture. That is, people do not express their emotions in real life yet abuse others over the internet.

The new campaign will entail a state specific public service announcements alongside other informational resources. An “Ask the Safety Team” video series will be available online with the videos answering some of the most popular questions that Facebook has been asked over the year. Whilst the campaign is a good effort in theory, it is unfortunately highly unlikely that the teenagers of today will pay much attention.

Social media is a strategy incorporated into the search marketing and online marketing campaigns for many companies worldwide. These include both small and national companies. Many assume that marketing using social media is an easy task however as with all forms of marketing a strategy should be devised prior to starting to ensure you are tackling the right audience etc. Keep checking out our blog for more information on how to use Facebook for business use or contact us for more information on our social media and search marketing campaigns.

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