Search Marketing: Google introduces Ad Words for Videos

//Search Marketing: Google introduces Ad Words for Videos

Search Marketing: Google introduces Ad Words for Videos

Since September Google has been conducting beta tests with advisors in preparation for the launch of Video AdWords. This will have a significant influence on search marketing and how small businesses promote their products / services.

This is an ingenious move by Google who will be more than aware of the immense growth in popularity of internet video; the traffic flowing through the multimedia giant youtube reinforces this. Google has previously generated most of its income through advertising, specifically its cost-per-click system so this shall also benefit Google’s revenue as well as companies specializing in Search Engine Optimisation.

How will it work? AdWords is Google’s system to allow advertisers to place ads on Google’s search result pages which are relevant to the search performed by the user. For every click on an ad the advertiser pays a fee to Google (Pay-per-Click advertising). In setting up an AdWords campaign an advertiser determines what keyword he wants his ads to be shown for and the maximum price he is willing to pay for a click. Google’s search results pages are divided up into two sections. In the middle are the so called organic search results with Google’s evaluation of the most relevant websites for the user’s search. On the right are the sponsored advertisements – the AdWords. Video AdWords work in much the same way, Google have released an in depth video detailing how the system works in practice.

For advertisers wanting to market their products in this way they will find that the service is simple to set up, all that is needed is a You Tube account. The Video AdWords is affordable, provides increased reach and better targeting, and impressive new analytics for measuring video engagement and click-through performance.

As with Pay per Click services (available here at Digital State Marketing) you only pay per view of your video ad. What’s more is that with TrueView pricing you only pay when a visitor watches your entire video. If a visitor skips your ad in under 30secs you will not be charged. If your ad runs over 30 seconds, you will be charged a cost-per-view at the 30 second mark

Advertisers will also be able to access reports on what occurs after their video ad is reviewed. the advertiser can discover how viewers are engaging with its brand during and after the video ad (e.g., knowing how many viewers watched an entire video, visited the company website, stayed on the YouTube channel to watch another video).Here at Digital State Marketing we provide our clients with in depth reporting and summaries based on analytics and site visitors behaviour, for further information on our services please see the Search Marketing Website.

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