Search Marketing: Google can predict Box Office Accuracy?

//Search Marketing: Google can predict Box Office Accuracy?

Search Marketing: Google can predict Box Office Accuracy?

The search marketing industry is ever-changing. Research is continually being conducted to aid the development of updates and extensions alongside the release of new features. Google is often releasing white papers relating to the search marketing world and how the information and the search engine can be applied to wider contexts.

Bizarrely, a recently released white paper from the UK’s favourite search engine claims that Google is able to predict a movie’s opening weekend performance within 92% accuracy based on search query and paid click volume.

The search giant compiled and analysed organic and paid data for 99 top box office films in 2012. This search related data from a seven day window prior to the film’s release date was then correlated with each films success.

The search engine claims that if one film has 250,000 more search queries over a similar film then the film with the most search queries is likely to rake in up to $4.3 million more than the similar film that has fewer searches. Regarding paid traffic, if a film gets 20,000 more paid clicks over a similar film then it is expected to net $7.5 million more during the opening weekend.

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