Whilst Google is often referred to as the “world’s favourite search engine”, this does not necessarily mean that users are happy with the service they receive. A recent customer satisfaction survey by ForeSee Results has shown interesting findings relating to the levels of customer satisfaction with search engines. In fact, the study has revealed the lowest levels of customer satisfaction since 2003.

In more detail, the survey has shown that Google has received its worst score (77/100) since the start of the survey more than a decade ago which is a 3.8% decrease on the customer satisfaction score for 2012.

Here at the Digital State Marketing, we have also conducted our own research into the opinions of search marketing companies and campaigns. A vast majority of our respondents outsourced search marketing’ to a digital agency, and from the results we were able to see that many respondents classed the value for money as ‘Good’ or ‘Average.’ Further to this, 36.7% of respondents felt that their provider supplied ‘Good’ value for money with one Consumer Appliance retailer emphasising that they are “Very happy with overall results.” To read our full search marketing review, please visit our website.

As a search marketing company, we appreciate the growing importance of incorporating social media into search marketing campaigns, however, the study has also shown that the satisfaction scores for social sites were even lower than those revealed for search engines. One of the highest rated social media in terms of customer satisfaction was Google+. Although many of the survey respondents said “they don’t pay attention” to ads on the social media sites, users did seem to notice and pay attention to ads on Google+ most. This is an interesting finding as Google+ seems to be becoming an integral part of search marketing online since the release of Rel=Author and Rel=Publisher. Having a Google+ profile is essential to be able to create a “digital handshake” between your website and your Google+ profile.

It would therefore be appropriate to have a well-structured Google+ profile. For more information on our Search Marketing Review 13 or social media, please visit our website or contact our team.