Search Marketing: Google vs Spotify?

//Search Marketing: Google vs Spotify?

Search Marketing: Google vs Spotify?

It is no secret that Google is constantly looking for ways to expand from the world of search, including developing new hardware as opposed to purely online software. Many businesses commission a search marketing company to help their visibility online as the search engine results are extremely competitive. Online, it isn’t just the search results that are competitive.

Google has recently announced the release of a new music subscription service. The “Play Music All Access” music service was launched recently at Google I/O, the annual developers conference held in San Francisco. The new service promises “radio without rules” as users are able to stream millions of songs, alongside all the songs that they already own and have stored in their cloud.

However, Google are entering an already competitive market. Spotify is one of the most renowned brands for music online. The popular site has over 24 million users worldwide although only 6 million of those users actually pay to use the service. The major difference between Music All Access is that it doesn’t have an option for users to listen for free.

With Google attempting to access a competitive market, it will be interesting to see if users will be willing to pay for the service and how the giant can compete against Spotify. At the Digital State Marketing, we are interested in reading about Google’s expansion from a search engine. For more information on Google’s other projects, such as Google Glass, or about how to engineer a successful search marketing campaign, visit our website today or contact our experienced team.

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