Last week Google had been testing significant algorithm changes; this meant that a variety of websites saw a change in their page ranking. This comes shortly after the ‘unnatural link warnings’ which were sent to a number of webmasters during March and April. Here Google recognised ‘artificial or unnatural links’ in webmasters backlink profile. Google also issued warnings to the Search Engine Optimisation community about practices for ‘over-optimization’.

It is important for any business with an online presence to be encouraging as much traffic to pass through their site as possible thus increasing sales and popularity. Therefore it is important that you as a company can identify whether actions such as Google’s has had a negative impact on your site. If your title or keywords have dramatically fallen in the rankings then it could be that you have been affected by the Search Engines testing. It would be a good idea to look at your analytics as this has the benefit of giving you more of an insight into how your total organic traffic is looking. It will also help you determine when your site was affected. Any ethical Search Marketing Company would be able to identify very quickly whether or not you have been affected by this change and make the appropriate contacts and amendments accordingly. Here at Digital State Marketing we can monitor the behaviour of the traffic passing through your site and as a result of this we are able to highlight in our summary any significant changes which may occur.

A statement from Matt Cutts informs us that the problem is now fixed but you should be aware some users have still been having difficulties.

This just goes to highlight how important it is that you have a sound knowledge and understanding of your website and the behaviour of traffic passing through it. Therefore if mistakes / accidents occur then you or your search marketing company could ensure that this has a minimal impact on your site and sales.

Google is constantly evaluating its status as a reputable Search Engine and alongside this is constantly striving to be as user friendly as possible. In order to optimise users experience the ethics of sites are taken into account for example it is important that links are trustworthy and reliable. It could well be that the search engine’s testing and algorithm changes is a result of efforts to optimise ‘white hat’ practice on the web. So ensure that your site is taking an ethical and honest approach in promoting itself. Stop low quality link building practices, as previously mentioned Google is making a concerted effort (March/ April) to crack down on this. Google has always been clear on its stance with regard to ethical search marketing. Here at Digital State Marketing we operate with a strictly ethical approach ensuring our clients maintain a good reputation and powerful online presence.