Search marketing is essential for all websites aiming to appear in the top 10 on the Google rankings, however Google’s new feature their social networking site named Search plus Your World will automatically push results from Google+ up the search rankings. The changes made by Google incorporate information such as photos, business pages and news posted on its Google+ social network into users’ search results as well as the typical web search results you would find normally. Google+ members will have the option of seeing Google search results that are customized to their interests and connections.

These new features have been criticised by many stating that Google is unfairly using its search engine to promote its other online services, this is not the first time Google has been criticised for doing this. One of their competitors Twitter has had a lot to say on the matter regarding the day the news broke as a ‘bad day for the internet’, Twitter claims Google’s changes are going to  make it tougher for people to find the breaking news often shared by users of its service.

The three changes are:

Personal Results – which enable users to find information such as Google+ photos and posts, both their own and those shared specifically with them, that only they will be able to see on their results pages.

Profiles in Search – both in autocomplete and results, users will be able to find people they are close to or might be interested in following.

People and Pages – helps users find people profiles and Google+ pages related to a specific topic or area of interest, and enable people to follow them with just a few clicks.

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