Here at Digital State Marketing, we all look forward to seeing the latest Google Doodle. Whether they be educational, inspiring, or celebrating common anniversaries such as Halloween, they always brighten our day. Last month saw the addition of a doodle celebrating the 151st birthday of the famous French composer Claude Debussy. Claude Debussy’s most famous piece; ‘Clair de lune’ (or Moonlight to you and I), is the backdrop of today’s Doodle and shows a moonlit river and street scene with cars driving alongside and boats sailing through the water. Lights flash on and off in time to the music. As the music progresses we see two people in two different boats sharing a red umbrella.  So what makes these Google Doodles good online marketing tools?

Everybody who has come across Google Doodle must have a favourite? Personally, I found the Slalom Canoe doodle from last years’ Olympic based doodles the most addictive. I must have wasted a good half an hour of our day determined to beat my previous time. Trying to keep the speed up whilst avoiding rocks yet still trying to go through all the gates.  Whilst we must have cursed Google at the time, we all found ourselves addicted.  Could this be classed as marketing? We think so. Not only would we chat about the Doodles to our office colleagues, we’d be challenging our family members once home.  They were even shared on Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets.
So how can you utilise parts of this genius online marketing on your site?

Perhaps you could add a daily quote from inspiring people, perhaps add a different image relevant to the date to your homepage, or perhaps produce daily offers from your product base. The important aspect is to have something different on your site regularly and which promotes user interaction. Something which is thought provoking and/or is available to be shared in social media outlets is important. The aim is to not only keep users on your site for longer than they originally intended but also encourage them to return to your site the next day. These are exactly what Google Doodles do and all are highly valuable online marketing tools.

Here at Digital State Marketing we specialise in online marketing and search engine optimisation and thus spend a lot of time on Google. We genuinely enjoy seeing and learning from the Google Doodle of the day.  For more information on how we can help promote your business online please visit our website.