Google, the worldwide search giant, has come under strict scrutiny in the press recently following accusations by the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) that they are promoting online sales of elephant and whale products. The EIA has announced that the Google ads are causing a huge rise in ivory demand that is leading to an appalling increase in the killing of African elephants.

Search marketing is an important aspect of marketing your company and brand online however it is surprising to hear suggestions that there are approximately 10,000 advertisements on Google Japan that promote the sales of ivory. This is a shocking number considering Google has stated that such advertisements are not allowed to feature on the search giant’s site.

The EIA have announced that they have, in fact, contacted Google with regards to the ads however they have not had a response nor have the advertisements been removed. The president of the EIA, Allan Thorton, has stated his disgust with the site for having such a large amount of resources at its disposal yet they are failing to implement their own policies that are designed to help protect endangered animals.

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