Digital State Marketing: Google forms a partnership with Nixle

//Digital State Marketing: Google forms a partnership with Nixle

Digital State Marketing: Google forms a partnership with Nixle

It is no surprise in the world of search marketing to hear that Google has been expanding their partnerships. As we are now living in a society concerned with social media and online personas, it is important to know that despite all the controversy with privacy issues, safety and legal shortfalls Google are still looking at ways to constantly keep us updated.

More recently it has been announced that Google have formed a partnership with tech company, Nixle. The new formation will lead to alerts from police, firefighters and other local authorities appearing in your Google search results. Nixle as a company allows people to sign up to receive important notifications, such as crime alerts, missing person information and other updates from local police and fire departments.

Whilst Nixle has previously sent out such notifications through text messages and emails, the new initiative will now allow safety agencies to post alerts to appear at the top of Google search results, as well as appearing on Google Maps and through the Google Now app on Android devices. When you search a location on Google Maps, the active Nixle alert will be pinned to that area. Those with Android phones within the affected community who are using Google Now will see the Nixle alert appear directly on the phone.

These alerts keep you feeling safe whilst on the move as well as when static. The search marketing nemesis has teamed with the tech company to help people respond better to emergency situations in communities and schools.

At the Digital State Marketing, we look forward to seeing the partnership develop. To keep up to date with all search marketing related news, including regular updates regarding Google, visit the news section at the Digital State Marketing.



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