There has been extensive debate over the clear definition of internet marketing; some quarters have claimed that it encompasses all Internet activities, where as others confuse it for search engine activities. As a matter of fact, internet marketing is defined as any activity that is done to market a website. It need not be only the search engine, it can be anything, anywhere, in our own site we make reference to things such as seo of course but also to affiliate marketing and social media development.

Internet marketing is a collaboration of all Internet related marketing activities, particularly search marketing but it includes everything right from search engine marketing and search engine optimisation to affiliate marketing, banner advertising, email newsletter marketing, website analysis and the “blogosphere” are all considered to be subsections of the category of  Internet marketing.

If you are planning to venture into Internet or search marketing it is advised by Matt Cutts of Google that you develop a niche and excel in it. This is a better way to approach your internet or search marketing. For example if you found affiliate marketing beneficial to your company above other mediums it would be a good idea to adopt affiliate marketing as your route to success. Combining this with a good campaign that actually benefits the search engine users is essential – so have good, informative content.

Whatever combination of internet marketing activities that you adopt always look at the fundamentals, which parts of my strategy are developing leads and which have a higher cost per return.

Gradually you can move from one aspect of internet or search marketing to another as the return of investment gathers. The field of online marketing and internet marketing is rapidly expanding and we already know that many clients are glad that they did not wait for the competition to advance too much before they started their campaigns.

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