The Digital State Marketing investigates targeted social media

//The Digital State Marketing investigates targeted social media

The Digital State Marketing investigates targeted social media

In our last article the Digital State Marketing looked at how to make the most of social media for your business. This article will provide a further focus on the targeting of social media to the appropriate audience.

Five labs have just released a new tool that you can use to analyse your own (or other peoples Facebook pages) and find out about their personality based on 5 key personality traits. These traits such as openness and conscientiousness are measured against the content of your posts and the results are shown in a helpful pentagon.

You may question as to why this is of interest to a search marketing company but the answer is obvious. If companies used technology such as the Five Lab tool then they could in essence create targeted advertising campaigns that will appeal to you and your personality type. Currently Five Lab are not using their tool for these purposes but how do you target your social media to the correct audience? One easy answer would be to entrust your social media to a company such as the Digital State Marketing! If you choose to do it yourself then here are a few pointers to get you started.

Firstly, ascertain what your social media goals are. They could be to drive more traffic to your site or raise the awareness of your brand. If you stick to these goals then it will ensure content is targeted.

You need to have an awareness of who your target audience is and tailor things such as language and topics based on this. For example a social media campaign for baby products needs to be written and delivered in a very different way to a plumbing supplier. You also need an understanding of which social media sites your audience use the most and will interact with you best. Another consideration is which keywords will be most effective for your target audience on the specified social media.

Finally ensure you engage regularly on your social media platforms. If there is no engagement you will lose followers and likes meaning it is in fact counterproductive.

If you wish to have a little more guidance on how to target your social media campaign or perhaps you would prefer someone to take the lead, then contact the Digital State Marketing. We build social media packages that focus on target audiences and build brand awareness and customer loyalty.

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