Digital State Marketing London discuss the relationship between retailers and social media

//Digital State Marketing London discuss the relationship between retailers and social media

Digital State Marketing London discuss the relationship between retailers and social media

Customers who participate and/or interact with you on You Tube, Twitter or Facebook are 150% more likely to buy your merchandise (eTail Blog, 2012).

The benefit of social networks not only means that you can have a website, but you can now interact with your demographic and speak to your customers on a whole new level via internationally known platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and You Tube. Potential buyers look on social media sites for reviews and likes as part of their decision making process.  Having social media is great but is yours optimal?

62% of online shopper will read product-related comments from friends on Facebook. A further 75% of these shoppers will then proceed and click on to the retailer’s site (Sociable Labs, 2012).

Consumers purchasing trend are more recently being influenced by the social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter so it is more important now if ever for retailers get involved and the Digital State Marketing London are here to help.

Web retailers should take advantage of the social networks as a platform to publish reviews, promote new products, establish trends and push their brand further into the public domain. By engaging with your audience via Facebook and Twitter you can encourage the sharing of positive feedback, likes on particular products and build a following for your site.

In the past where retailers were trying to prove their benefits and promote their product themselves, the new craze on social networking allows shoppers to recommend a product, service and/or retailer to more potential shoppers; essentially promoting your site for you.

76% of consumers recommend companies they trust to a friend or colleague (Edelman Digital) therefore, it is essential to encourage your users to use your social media!

Many bands and companies can use these platforms to target an existing audience and keep them informed, or to entice and encourage new customers to their site generating larger brand awareness.

Whether social media networks such as You tube, Facebook and Twitter are used to push a brand, or to encourage new custom, it is clearly evident that social media networks do have a substantial influence on the shopping trends and can ultimately influence the traffic going to your website therefore if you are a retailer, you need to be social and engage with the social media network.

For an informal discussion on your current social media and how it could be improved, contact the Digital State Marketing London today.


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