DSM SuperHero Team Day, Lancashire Woodland – October 2014

October 24, 2014 - Digital State Marketing
SuperHeroDay - 1

The blackboard at DSM HQ – could we re-enact this awesome-ness? Um, no!

SuperHeroDay -4

Wolverine’s Bum – More Nora Batty than X-Men.

SuperHeroDay - 8

Robin Hood looking smug – surprising given where the arrows went.

SuperHeroDay - 2

Who’d have guessed that CatWoman would be the only one posing?!


SuperHeroDay - 7

It started out as a Boar, it ended as a Porcupine. #DeadEye

SuperHeroDay - 9

“Batman” shooting with her eyes shut – SHOW OFF!

SuperHeroDay - 6

What did you expect? He’s a Super Villain – of course, he’s stolen the biscuits.

SuperHeroDay - 3

CatWoman (posing AGAIN) adding some glamour to a disappointing Rogues Gallery

SuperHeroDay - 5

Harley Quinn, Black Widow and Poison Ivy – awaiting their cup of tea.

SuperHeroDay - 10

SuperHeroes deserve Super Beer.