Digital State Marketing: Our top 5 Google Doodle’s of 2012 (Part Two)

//Digital State Marketing: Our top 5 Google Doodle’s of 2012 (Part Two)

Digital State Marketing: Our top 5 Google Doodle’s of 2012 (Part Two)

We here at The Digital State Marketing have already shared with you three of our top five Google doodles of 2012 however, we still need to disclose our top two. Last year was a fantastic year for the doodles that have now been gracing the Google homepage for a whopping 15 years! The creative doodles have come a long way from the original designs that graced the screen back in 1998. The doodlers have now devised excellent interactive and audio doodles to keep users entertained.

Google is the most popular choice of search engine in the UK and so the doodles have become renowned all around the country. Marketing your company and website effectively online is important in order to ensure the success of the business however, it isn’t just about attracting potential clients. If you want to have a lasting impression on

Let us give you a quick recap of our last three favourites:

–       The Halloween doodle that graced the homepage on October 31st 2012

–       The Turing Machine doodle to commemorate Alan Turing’s Centennial

–       The London 2012 Olympic Games doodle

In second place is the Google Doodle in celebration of Robert Moog’s 78th birthday on May 23rd 2012. Dr Robert Moog invented the electronic analog Moog Synthesizer back in the mid-1960’s. The logo was interactive and playable; you could use your mouse or keyboard to control the mini-synthesizer’s keys and knobs to make a whole variety of sounds.

Here at DSM, our favourite Google Doodle of 2012 was showcase on October 15th. The doodle was to mark the 107th anniversary of Little Nemo in Sunderland. The doodle was designed to pay tribute to such a creative giant and body of work by the artist and visionary, Winsor McCay. Little Nemo in Sunderland was his weekly comic strip and his most famous works.

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