Search marketing is an essential tool for all of those companies that have an e-commerce website to ensure they are getting as much traffic to their sites as possible, this has been highlighted in the recent predictions showing that the web economy in G20 countries will almost double by 2016.

The research conducted by Google and the Boston Consulting Group concluded that over the next four years the number of people using the internet will grow to a huge 3 billion people which is close to half of the world’s population. It is believed that along with this growth and part of the reason for such large volumes of individuals choosing to browse and shop online is the increase in number of smart phone and tablet users, as well as the access to internet becoming more available which makes web browsing more convenient. Internet browsing via cable and desktop computers is slowly becoming a thing of the past especially with the falling price of smart phones, making them available to a huge number of consumers; search marketing campaigns may have to adapt to keep up with this change in technology and consumer behaviour, the research showed that by 2016, 80% of consumers will be accessing the web through smart phones.

The UK currently has one of the most advanced e-commerce economies in the world. Part of the research was conducted by interviewing small and medium sized businesses; it found that companies that use the internet competitively to promote themselves fare better than web reluctant rivals. In Britain, businesses that use the internet have grown approximately seven times faster than those that are offline or only use the web fleetingly, this information shows the importance of search marketing and search engine optimisation. The internet opens many doors for consumers as it allows you to buy products that you may not be able to purchase on your local high street. A full report of the research which states ‘every business needs to go digital’ is available for you to read titled: The Digital Manifesto: How Companies and Countries Can Win in the Digital Economy.

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