With the nights getting darker and the weather getting colder, we don’t want businesses to freeze their search marketing campaigns as well! As many of you business owners know, winter is one of the most important times to have your websites fully optimised for the search engines as there is a mass increase in online buyers for Christmas and New Year. The winter period promises a prosperous return for online businesses as long as they are fully optimised and visible on the search results.

At Digital State Marketing we can’t stress enough the importance of optimising your online business during the winter months. Many companies come to us around September/October time desperately trying to improve their websites visibility ready for the Christmas rush. By the time data has been put together and lengthy talks have been had with the client it is already coming to November. SEO is a slower, natural process compared to PPC and does not offer the quick fix results some companies are looking for. Therefore, we tend to advise companies to start an aggressive PPC campaign, targeting keywords that are going to be convertible in time for Christmas and New Year.

SEO is something that needs to be constantly ongoing, otherwise rankings will drop. Google has stressed that they are looking for websites to be as active as possible as they will punish those websites that are lacking in optimisation. To start on an SEO campaign 2/3 months before Christmas is a definite NO! Websites should start on Christmas campaigns as early on in the year as possible to get ahead of their competition. Starting around July will give your SEO team enough time to optimise the site fully and will take away the stress of trying to do something last minute. We want to help you save money and starting your optimisation earlier will allow you to do this.

If you have left your optimisation till last minute and are looking for a quick PPC campaign to make your website visible in time for Christmas and New Year contact Digital State Marketing now to discuss your requirements on 01229 484290. Or if you are simply interested in starting a campaign in Summer 2012 ready for Christmas 2012 do not hesitate to drop us a line now!