Search Marketing: How to Write For The Long Tail?

//Search Marketing: How to Write For The Long Tail?

Search Marketing: How to Write For The Long Tail?

The long tail may well be the crust of the search marketing world’s loaf – every niche will have them but some people prefer not to use them.  The problem is that long tail doesn’t draw the same traffic as shorter key terms and, as such, the effort versus reward can be regarded as overwhelming.

However, the benefits of aiming for long tail are that, in theory, the visitors that are generated are so much nearer to their “Point of Purchase” moment. If you were to search for a tablet with the keyword “tablet”, the results are incredibly broad, with news, shopping and reviews being featured on the homepage. At the time of writing this article, there was even a PPC advert for a hotel!  This will leave the user to either wade through this data or to refine their search. Conversely with the long tail variant of the term “7″ android tablet”, there are still examples of news feeds and reviews however the remainder of the results are product pages, which are more convertible than a generic category page.

In the wake of the multiple monochrome animal-based updates, you have probably come across the concept that “content is king”. However, writing content for search marketing purposes can be time-consuming and difficult.  The idea of writing content on the theme of your main key terms/ products can be daunting, let alone trying to figure out how to write for the long tail too!

The answer is simple, turn the problem on its head. Many examples of long tail are in the form of questions, for example “how to clean?” or “where to find…?” Simply answering these questions is a great way to build content that will actually add value to the users visit to your site. Looking through your Analytics is a good way to unearth these questions, as is keeping a record of the questions that your customers are already asking. Alternatively, you could brainstorm questions that you think are relevant to your industry/ product range.

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