Search marketing firms recognise the importance of Google rankings for business today, but they need not forget that certain firm’s social media presence could be equally important. Digital State Marketing understands the value of a strong social media presence, and believes developing such a presence is an integral part of their work with many clients.
With Facebook reaching one billion members and having a page rank of nine on Google, it is clearly an important site and a great platform for businesses to advertise. Businesses can create a page at no cost and post important information for free by simply creating a Facebook page that members can like. Statistics show that the average Facebook user connects to 80 community pages, and 45.9% of the 1 billion users are under the age of 26. While most firms likely recognise the importance of Facebook presence, search firms like Digital State Marketing can aid in creating a user-friendly profile with relevant information that will attract followers.
Twitter is another site that has taken society by storm. The social media site generates 340 million tweets a day by its 140 million users, giving it a Google page rank of 10 out of 10.  It is incredibly important for businesses to utilise this direct contact with followers not only to broadcast informative information about their company, but also to stay connected with what people in their geographic and business area are talking about.  In terms of youth, 48% of Twitter’s users are in college.  Additionally, 25% of users follow brands on Twitter, 67% of which will purchase those brands. From a search standpoint, creating a Twitter account for clients is a no-brainer if the clients are looking to expand their business.
Search marketing should not be solely focused on Google rankings and website development if the client is trying to attract young people. Digital State Marketing is highly aware of this fact and ensures that their clients will have a strong, relevant web presence on multiple relevant platforms. This gives businesses actual direct contact with social media users, and users that are specifically interested in what the firm offers. This is an invaluable resource today that should not be overlooked for any company doing business today.