Search Marketing: latest changes to the social network, Twitter

//Search Marketing: latest changes to the social network, Twitter

Search Marketing: latest changes to the social network, Twitter

As a search marketing company, we understand the growing importance of social media in a search marketing campaign. One particular social network that is growing in popularity is Twitter. The PageRank (PR) 10 site has introduced some new changes recently so here at the Digital State Marketing, we are going to give a brief overview.

Vine for Android

Vine is an app owned by Twitter. It is the best way to see and share videos online. It allows you to simply create short, looping videos for your followers to see.

Login Verification

To ensure that your Twitter account remains secure, you now have the option to add a second check in the login process. To take advantage of this tightened security, add and confirm a phone number and email address.

Tailored Ads

This is currently in the experimental stage in the United States. To make ads more useful to users, the social media site will begin displaying promoted content from brands and businesses that they have previously shown interest in. Such information will be based on particular information, such as a browser cookie ID. If you do not want the ads to appear, you can simply untick the box next to “Promoted Content” in your account settings. You will also not receive tailored ads if you have Do Not Track (DNT) enabled in your browser.

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