Search Marketing Like Regular Marketing, But Different

December 3, 2013 - Digital State Marketing

Many people see search marketing (SEM) as separate from marketing as a whole, focusing on the tangible elements such as Click Through Rates (CTR), rankings in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) and the general Return On Investment (ROI). All this is aided by the mountains of “big data” allowing clients to microanalyse the results of campaigns. This is in sharp contrast to the often fluffy general marketing data. While you can indeed attribute spikes to offline campaigns, can you really be sure that it was the advert in the paper that produced the increased sales? Or perhaps it was your sales team having a great week, in which their hard built pipeline came to fruition?
Marketing is an essential part of creating a brand and many people wouldn’t argue this. Raising awareness of your company, tends results in sales somewhere down the line. Even with all the additional tracking data, search marketing can provide, there is still a pervading sentiment that search marketing is somehow more transient and therefore of less importance.
Search marketing is an ever changing world and even if you have managed to maintain a strong position throughout the tribulations of 2013, please don’t make the mistake of thinking you can arbitrarily reduce your seo and ppc budgets. As with regular marketing, SEM needs to be a constant effort. If you created a really amazing tv advert, a year ago, it will have little impact on your sales in this quarter. The same is true for many aspects of search marketing, there are many actions that will have to be repeated and amended time and again to ensure that your campaign stays fresh.
While traditional marketing focuses on ensuring that your products and brands stay in front of the buying public, SEO is looking to keep your website in front of Google and the search engines. There’s no coincidence that the major players in any given industry have more fresh content and as a result their site is more frequently cached.
The other part of this in each instance is while maintaining a presence is a good start, standing out from the crowd is where the true magic starts. A traditional advert that goes above and beyond can drive sales for months to come, in the same way that a well written piece of content can be shared across the web driving huge amounts of traffic to your site. But, both will have a finite span of influence.