It is rare, in this day and age, to find a company that that does not appreciate the importance of marketing in general to improve their profitability.  It is, therefore, still a surprise to us as Digital State Marketing how few companies prioritise search marketing or place it appropriately within their wider marketing concerns.

With the economy showing only limited signs of improvement, the emphasis for most consumers is on researching long and hard to find the most competitive deals from the most reliable retailers.  With this in mind, it is of paramount importance that not only does a company have a clear marketing strategy (to identify where it should target its energies for maximum return on investment), but that there is recognition of the substantial part that online channels play in this strategy.

Ironically, as the impact of the internet grows and grows, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) still fails to be given the respect it deserves and is often seen as little more than the mechanical application of links and content.  In reality, search marketing is a full blown marketing discipline, requiring strategy, thought, research and focus.

Effective SEO requires a dedicated operation, predicated on staff that are experienced and who can concentrate on the changing demands within the market. It is not a side issue for someone whose remit is elsewhere and, even within a marketing team, it requires specific attention.

Even if you outsource the technical SEO skills, you still need to ensure that your company has a thorough understanding of the basics of search marketing to ensure your broader goals are being targeted effectively.  Lack of understanding, or even lack of interest can not only slow your search marketing strategy, it can have negative effects as your competitors steal a march.

In almost all circumstances, the most cost efficient route to effective SEO services is through outsourcing.  Hiring an external agency will cost considerably less than running your own team of staff and they have access to advanced skills and the benefit of their experience day to day with other campaigns.  It’s quite simply an economy of scale.  Come and look at what Digital State Marketing can offer as a reliable support to your marketing strategy.