Here at the Digital State Marketing, we pride ourselves on upholding ethical search marketing principles. If you are new to SEO and have started to read around the subject, we would not blame you for being confused by the terminology. Much of which is derived from tech speak or in jokes within Google. A great example of this is Google’s Android mobile operating system versions being named after various types of cake, such as Froyo, Gingerbread and the very latest “Ice Cream Sandwich”!

Within search marketing, negative actions seem to attract the most comical names. Spam has existed for as long as the internet has and when aimed at seo, is often called spamdexing. This is where designers change the html of a site, specifically to increase the position of the site within the serps regardless of the actual content of the site. This goes hand in hand with the concept of Google Bombing, which is where a vast number of links were pumped into a site that is completely irrelevant for the anchor text. The most popular example of this was back in 2003, when a politically motivated group positioned a website about George W Bush Jnr for the term “miserable failure”. After this Google, took several steps to prevent bombing of this degree happening again. This is a very notable feature of search marketing as a whole. At every point of the search engines development, there is an industry built on working the algorithm to their own purposes. Google and the other search engines work towards preventing the companies with the most money dominating the serps and as such constantly update their software to level the playing field. At the base level Google, wants to return the best possible result for it human users, in order to maintain its dominance.

Another piece of often used terminology is the phrases “white hat” and “black hat”, which refer to the approach to search marketing used. Ethical seo falls squarely into the white hat bracket, as we always follow best practices. The name is derived from the concept of cowboys dressed in white are good guys, while the baddies wear black!