Search Marketing News of 2012: 7 out of 10 searched phrases were single words

//Search Marketing News of 2012: 7 out of 10 searched phrases were single words

Search Marketing News of 2012: 7 out of 10 searched phrases were single words

When we approach a search engine and our search marketing campaigns, it is only natural that we look to get to our destination site in the quickest and most effective way possible. Single word phases have been the way forward and in 2012; we have been using single word keywords more than last year. This year Google has seen a 16% increase in one-word searches in 2012. Of all the one word search terms you can possibly type into a Google search engine, “Facebook” was the most common search term in the US this year; making it the most common search tern in the US for a fourth year in a row.

Out of this year’s top ten search terms seven of them are single words; this is a trend that Experian’s Bill Tancer says grew force in 2012;

“Navigational searches continue to domain the top search results as users continue to visit their favourite sites via search engines instead of directly entering a web address into their browsers URL bar. Single- word searches grew 16% in 2012 as a result of continued reliance on search engine’s suggested results.”

According to Experian “Facebook” was responsible for 4.13% of all searches and overall increase of 33% over 2011. Overall 2012’s US top ten search terms were almost the same as 2011. With ‘amazon’ replacing ‘’ in the number ten position.

This then questions how people are using search engines. You begin to wonder how mobile and tablet searches would have affected the results had they been included. We can only envisage that this number would be much higher if it has been considered. Mobile search has grown 4 times in the past year with 30% of restaurant searches from mobile devices. Many of us who are on the go use our mobile or tablet to do a quick search and cannot be bothered and do not have the time or patients to type in a long tail key phrases or lengthy URLs.  So naturally we then rely on quick keywords that we know will direct us to our destination site.

This means that as we approach 2013 it is essential that when looking to optimize your site you are targeting the correct keywords. As users change the way they search you need to change the way you’re found. To discuss a targeted search marketing campaign for your business, contact Digital State Marketing London today on (01229) 484290.

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