In light of the recent Panda update which saw a crackdown on content farms and duplicate content within websites. It is all in order to produce the best search engine results when you use Google. You may, or may not have noticed that sometimes websites that do not seem as good as the competition make it into the top 10 of Google. The Panda update was brought out – in part to address this by focusing on “page view duration” and whether or not a site is managing to hold the consumers attention with fresh and original text.

So what then is in stall for the search marketing and search engine optimisation world with the possible Panda 2.2 update? The apparent target of the next update will not simply be sites that re-publish content under their own name but also then go on to out rank the original source of their information. As Google could not identify the original source, it seemed that they were being punished as spammers or as content farms. Matt Cutts who leads Google’s Web Spam team has been quoted as claiming that a change has been agreed on that will hopefully help with this issue.

For the search marketing world the original Panda update was described by Google as being designed in order to “reduce rankings for low-quality sites – sites which are low-value add for users, copy content from other websites or sites that are just not very useful,” –  it was said that roughly 12% of searches were affected. Website owners who were negatively affected by the global update in April say that they have not yet recovered from it. Guidelines were released by Google in order to help websites become more Panda friendly – so to speak. In a Question and Answer session with Danny Sullivan editor-in-chief of Search Engine Land, Cutts added that the Panda update is not run on a regular basis, which can affect the rankings of websites badly affected as the algorithm is manually run when it is improved. If and when Panda 2.2 comes into effect it will be interesting for the search marketing world to see whether sites that possibly unfairly escaped the first update will be penalised for duplicate content. Or will sites that were unfairly affected be redeemed, as they are seen as the original source of commonly plagiarised content.

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