Search Marketing News – the panda update and its repercussions for your website.

September 20, 2011 - Digital State Marketing

With the new Panda / Farmer update by Google, it is important to evaluate your website and how it is performing for you and therefore, promoting your business. It is important to remember that search engine optimisation has some basic principles that you can follow in order to enhance your website. One of the main things that counts, or one of the pillars of search engine optimisation is good content. The main thing to consider when thinking about writing content is to consider what interests people. Content should aspire to be about what people want to read and then essentially what will lead them to purchase online. Good content is what leads websites to reach the top of Google’s search results.

Google is constantly improving its search results; however there are sites that hold the top positions on the search engine without top quality content, this could possibly be due to a bug in the algorithm.

Therefore, what does good content entail, especially in light of the recent update? There are many answers to this question as there are various aspects to writing optimised content. This article will focus on “page view duration”. It has been reported that this is now a critical factor for Google. At least more important than a hypothetical keyword density or other similar factors. The page view duration has a connection to the authority of a domain.

For a page to be eagerly read, there are a few handy tips you can pick up – they are founded on the supposition that your topic is something that will interest the audience. Content that is completely robot orientated will need something else as a driver to entice the audience into further reading. The original headline should make the reader want to continue reading the post. Secondly, the headline should personify the message “this is what you want” – when thinking about the keyword.

Multimedia formatting such as image captions, videos, lists even images can be used. Separating an article well, where good subheadings are used as this serves as a mini navigation guide. With this in mind, longer rather than shorter articles are typically deemed better, however this is only true while the competition does the same. An example of this would be that scientific sites would include more text than shopping sites, and so content should be altered accordingly.

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