The BBC’s Comic Relief has been running since Christmas 1985 and is marked by the biennial Red Nose Day. This year the charity has fully embraced the medium of social media including Facebook and Twitter pages. The social media site Twitter has been home to a mass of activity in the charities online campaign. The real-time nature and social focus of the site has allowed the general public to interact with each other in entirely new ways. The charities catchphrase has been “Do something funny for money” for the last decade. Twitter has allowed people to swop ideas about fund raising ideas and events, without the barriers of needing to know each other. The page also acted as a forum for people to post how much money their event had earned, a useful tool in reflecting the effort made and urging others to join in.  #RND has attracted 81,429 followers and was supplemented by a range of celebrities tweeting regularly.

Another innovative twist on the usual social media campaign is the addition of “Twit Relief” to the portfolio.  This saw red nose day setting up its own ebay sellers page, from which it sold a large amount of celebrity/ comic relief memorabilia. For example a sofa which Ant and Dec procured from the set of This Morning and Ollie Murs’ hat. The real innovation comes in the auctioning of Celebrity twitters following the highest bidder on the social media site. “They [celebrity twitterers] will offer to ‘follow’ the highest bidder on twitter. Many of them have also added some exclusive extras to encourage people to dig The campaign saw celebrities such as Steven Fry, Sue Perkins, James Corden and Lilly Allen achieving bids of £2500 upwards for interacting on twitter with the winner.

Other aspects of red nose day’s search marketing campaign included developing an iphone app which featured games, live streaming and the twitter stream built in and the questionable augmented reality tool which allowed the user to have a large red nose superimposed over your head in real time.

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