Here at DSM, search engine optimisation is one of our key focuses. However, we have a continued interested in all things technological and pertaining to search marketing, as a whole. As such please find below an interesting article from the wider world of search. The introduction of smartphones has seen a significant shift in behaviour of marketing in mobile media. According to a report released by Strategy Analysis over $100 billion was spent globally on mobile media in 2011. This number is anticipated to top a staggering $138 billion this year.

As more mobile owners spend money on ‘apps’ research advertisers are expected to spend more on advertising in smartphone ‘apps’ this year than on mobile websites. ‘Apps’ are now big business. A recent study by tech industry network Tech Net suggested that since 2007, the “app economy” had created 466,000 new jobs in the US alone. In turn this influences internet marketing approaches.

Strategy Analytics’ director of Wireless Media Strategies David MacQueen claims: “Advertisers chase eyeballs so the fact that brands spend more on in-app advertising than the mobile web is a clear sign that apps are what consumers are glued to for an increasing range of activities. In the eyes of many advertisers, web browsing on the smartphone is playing second fiddle to the app economy.”

An article in Business Daily actually suggests that the increase in accessibility to apps is one of the main drivers of smartphone purchases. People are buying smart phones, so they can have everything in the palm of their hand.

It seems to have spawned an industry dedicated to boosting ranking.

Once an app has been created and developed the priority is to get it noticed by climbing to the top of the app search results in order to increase sales. So how does app store optimisation differ from search engine optimisation? Like SEO it all begins with an algorithm.

As with SEO attention needs to be paid to the title tag. Here at Search Marketing group we specialise in optimising a business’s online presence and at times this involves looking at the title tags. The name of the app as with any online service is integral to increasing and maintaining a page rank. As in search marketing you are encouraged to create a unique but relative and concise title tag.

Another similarity is the optimisation of keywords. Here at Digital State Marketing our team dedicates time to research keywords, targeting Long-tail, descriptive keywords in order to optimise clients’ online presence.

In SEO and App Store optimisation alike we can see the magnitude of high quality and ethical content. Paramount to any campaign is ethical search marketing; placing emphasis on steering clear of tactics such as keyword stuffing. Here at Digital State Marketing we are highly aware of the consequences a ‘spammy’ looking description can have on a websites traffic flow.

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