Content That Attracts Links

In reality, when it comes to monetised sites, there are several missions that the SEO author must focus upon:

  • marketing and achieving sales for the client, without being ‘tacky’ or ‘blatant’
  • make sure that the users are navigated around the site in a pragmatic way, that leads to a sale, but is also interesting for the user
  • primarily focus upon what some US pundits refer to as the ‘user experience’
  • reduce the Bounce Rate, increase the crawl depth and time and increase return visitors
  • if the website can, with the aid of Digital State Marketing, become authoritative – people will bookmark the site and this will only help to increase trust factor

Informative content and news articles are needed, so that the client’s site enthuses people to link to it naturally, but also to represent the valid interests of the site.

Having personally trained many people in SEO over the years, there is one fundamental truth to search marketing and that is, in Google’s own words, websites should be written for the user, not for search engines themselves.

One other factor to consider, is that whilst outbound links can haemorrhage Page Rank, it is important to have outbound links and to be engaged in a constructive link building community. To this end, other sites will link to you if you have a good level of high quality content. We would always recommend that anyone selling jewellery for example, should have an outbound link to the British Jewellery Association or similar body. Likewise, that anyone in the financial services arena has links to their relevant bodies.