Search Marketing and SEO in particular are based on the algorithms of the search engines. As Google holds an 84.73 % share of the UK search engine market, with Bing as their nearest competitor holding only 4.29%. This in effect means that if Google thinks content is important, sites have to comply or face a dramatically reduced amount of traffic to their site. Search Engine optimisation aims to make your site as close to what Google wants as possible. While you may be thinking that surely that sounds a little too easy, you would be right. The search engines do not categorically announce what they are looking for. This is why it is recommended that you employ a search marketing company, over trying to do it yourself. Google makes several announcements a month, which hint at what they are looking for and then occasionally introduce an update that changes what is expected. Take for example the Panda update from earlier this year. The American giant JC Penney, fell from multiple front page positions to obscurity for a number of phrases because the new update deemed its seo tactics unacceptable.

Content is King at Google at the present time and as such many webmasters are spending more time creating literary masterpieces. Good quality content should be written in a manner that is readable to the user and adds quality to the site. Freshness of content is also an important feature, as it demonstrates to Google that you have something important to add to the field that you’re in.  However, after a while of writing content, you can find yourself with a case of writers block. In this instance we recommend shaking it up a bit. Try inserting an infographic to your site and you will be surprised by how it helps. On a very basic level creating the infographic will give you a break from long article and help you focus on your topic. These visual images are great, as they allow you to convey a large amount of information in a single hit and are more likely to be shared than a standard article. One thing to note however is that as they are images, they do not count as html content. Therefore, be sure to write good quality explanatory paragraphs on the page. Another way to break up writing content for search marketing is too write about topics that interest you. These articles are always going to be more enjoyable to read, as they are written from a perspective of interest and understanding.