There are many different methods of search marketing; the approaches that you choose will be dependent upon the industry that your business is in. One method is through search engine optimisation, which helps your website to gain higher organic rankings, another is through social media. Recently the search engine Yahoo! and social media giant Facebook have entered in to a legal dispute, as professionals at Yahoo! claim that they hold the patents on the technical mechanisms in Facebook’s advertisements, privacy controls and news feed.

Yahoo! has demanded licensing fees from Facebook for the use of its technology, potentially surrounding social media in patent battles and lawsuits raging across much of the technology sector. Yahoo! have said other companies have already licensed some of the technologies involved in the dispute, and that it would act unilaterally if Facebook refused to pay for a patent license, Yahoo! has stated that it has a responsibility to its shareholders, employees and other stakeholders to protect its intellectual property.

Should Yahoo end up suing Facebook, it would mark the first major legal battle among technology giants in the social media sphere and a major escalation of patent litigation that has already swept up the smartphone and tablet sectors and technology companies such as Apple, Microsoft and Motorola Mobility. Google paid £7.8 billion for Motorola Mobility last year largely to get access to the phone maker’s intellectual property. And a consortium of companies led by Apple and Microsoft paid £2.8 billion for more than 6000 patents held by Nortel, the defunct communications equipment maker. Apple, Samsung and other smartphone makers have also been locked in an array of courtroom brawls around the world over various patents. However a limited number of intellectual property battles have risen among social networking companies.

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