The search marketing community feel both inspired and intimidated by the news that there is now the opportunity to study SEO practices. The academic accreditation includes modules on SEO, Social Commerce and Analytics. The course is based at Manchester Metropolitan University and the Digital Certificate in SEO is due to start this summer. There have been mixed reactions; on the one hand it means that the industry is worthy enough for a university to take and teach it, perhaps we can suggest that this is a well overdue move. With the advances in technology and the internet alike this advance is positive for both individuals and businesses trying to succeed in the current economic climate. On the other hand those who have been in the business for a long time fear that their positions could be jeopardised when fresh faced graduates arrive at the office with documentation to prove their worth. Experience certainly should not be overlooked but in terms of hiring staff or selecting your SEO company this qualification will instil a degree of confidence.

A lot of emphasis in the make-up of this course is placed on the mystery that is Google and its algorithms. To search marketing practitioners it is evident that Google moves in mysterious ways and to be successful SEO practitioners you have to be on top of the game second guessing Google’s next move. Of course for those who have been working in SEO and networking with people alike, this skill should now be second nature. Mike Baxter, lead consultant on E-consultancies digital certificate in SEO, refers to this aspect of the course as ‘alertness and resilience’. It is the ever changing nature of the digital environment which makes this business so interesting to be involved in. In fact Mike Baxter refers to the ever present mysteries regarding Google and the internet when suggesting the nature of SEO is scientific. He queries how we can apply a scientific principle to a competitive and unpredictable business. This is just one of the learning outcomes outlined in the qualification.

This qualification is somewhat a landmark in search marketing as it is to be the first reputable qualification on the subject in the UK. Here at Digital State Marketing we are inspired by the news that SEO is finally held in high enough esteem to warrant devising and delivering an accredited qualification.