Search marketing is by no means limited to the UK. Although the UK is our main market, we have in–depth knowledge of how the international search markets work and know that this can be very valuable traffic for our clients.

What is of course important, as with any internet marketing, is how that offering is positioned and what the percentage chance of a good return of investment is.

Surprisingly some companies, large and small, continue to not take enough consideration of this when deciding upon a name or brand and what the impact it may have upon the search engine results. The Fiat Punto, for example, did not fare well in Brazil, as it means “small male genitalia” in the local dialect. Similarly, the Nissan Terrano raised eyebrows when searches in Italy noticed that this word is also slang for ‘peasant’ or ‘farmer’.

More than sixty percent of people when using the search engines, do not actually search in English. In fact, when we look at the breakdown of international search keywords, certain languages such as German, French, Spanish and Chinese do come to the fore. Perhaps due to the GDP in certain regions, the actual product being searched for or the business language of that industry; some languages have more searches than others.

Search marketing costs will of course vary project to project, depending upon the size and scale of the project. The higher the page rank versus competing sites in the region the better, as is the inclusion of existing content in the native tongue. We work in all major languages and can also conduct Welsh SEO projects here in the UK. We have experience of analysing what search traffic there is in each language and also of exploring with the client the legal restraints and considerations there may be to a search marketing project.

There are other factors to consider from a technical point of view. For more information, visit our article on SEO Factors to Consider.