To improve your search marketing, link building is a great way to increase traffic towards your website and improve your ranking on Google. There are two types of links; natural (organic) and unnatural links. Natural links can increase the ranking of a website whereas an unnatural link can often be seen by Google as spam, resulting in negative effects on ranking. For more information please read on.

Natural (organic) vs Unnatural ‘Spam’ Links
Natural links usually provide high quality and original content. These links can be in the form of direct links from quality sites, ideally with high domains, or shares and likes from blogs and social media. A site with a high number of natural links will be perceived as a quality site, creating a higher ranking on Google.
Unnatural (spam) links, on the other hand, can damage yourusty chainr site if the content has low quality, keyword stuffing or irrelevant links e.g. a site linking from a bed manufacturer to a site about women’s hair products. A site with a high number of unnatural links can significantly lower the search ranking on Google, making it incredibly hard to increase traffic again.
Consequently, it is important to maintain a high level of natural links and minimise unnatural links as much as possible. However, this can sometimes be difficult as all links are considered unnatural if they are intentionally used to improve rankings. Nevertheless, there are certain ways in which search marketing campaigns can help clients increase natural links and ensure that Google views links to their site favourably.
Google Disavows
When it comes to unnatural links, unfortunately they cannot be controlled or deleted. A search marketing company, however, will be able to disavow certain unnatural links, which is basically just a way of telling Google not to count them. This will ensure Google won’t follow those links and so they won’t affect the site’s ranking. However, when disavowing links, it is important to minimise the amount you submit to Google as too many can be perceived as suspicious, again resulting in a lower ranking on Google.
The google algorithm is constantly changing and therefore it is important that you keep up to date with the latest changes. DSM can help maintain the ranking of a client’s website through a search marketing campaign. To find out more please visit the website or contact them for more information.