Search marketing is used by many businesses all around the globe to ensure they are competitive in getting as much traffic to their websites as possible. There are many forms of search marketing the two main areas are search engine optimisation and pay per click. Search engine optimisation is improving your websites positions in the organic search results. Pay-per click in comparison allows you to advertise your website at the top and right hand side of the natural search results, however as you may have gathered from the given name pay-per-click, this type of campaign comes at a price. A relatively new concept brought in by Google is Ad Extensions as part of their Ad Words these allow you to add additional information to your pay-per-click advertisement such as your business address, phone number, product image or page links.

Ad Extensions are an efficient way to give customers more information about your business at a glance. Your advertisement will still appear as it normally would throughout Google however the extra information helps your business to stand out from the crowd as you are giving a little more especially if your competitors are not making the most of Ad Extensions themselves. There are five main types of Ad extensions firstly there are local extensions, these allow you to add your business address or addresses if you have more than one branch and a customer’s local branch will come up on their search results. Call extensions allow you to add your business telephone number so your customers can literally click-to-call when using a mobile to browse, this is very important with the huge number of people now using their smart phones to search the internet. Ad Sitelinks allow you to add a link to a subpage of your website for example the subpage of a very popular product, this makes finding the product easier for your potential customer, usability is a big factor in increasing sales, if a customer can find what they want easily it will increase the chance of them purchasing the product. Product extensions give the client a visual image of your product and lastly there are also social extensions which work alongside your Google+ account.

Search marketing is an essential tool for all business’ to ensure you are getting as much traffic to your website as possible and therefore as many sales as possible, if are looking for a professional search marketing company call us at the Digital State Marketing on 01229 484290.