At the end of last month Yahoo pulled the plug on its site explorer tool which was a tool that could be used completely free of charge by many search marketing companies all around the world. Initially launched back in September 2005, Yahoo Site Explorer allowed SEO professionals and digital marketer’s access to a wealth of incredibly useful information including the ability to check the external and internal linking of any website. The tool will now be combined with the Bing Webmaster Tools. However unlike Yahoo Site Explorer, the Bing Webmaster Tools will not have the competitor analysis function, as a consequence of this any data about rival sites will be lost.

This will end a very simple way for search marketing professionals to check on the progress of link building projects they are working on. It is still possible to check links on one’s own sites by means of Google Webmaster and Bing Webmaster tools, but neither of these have the full range of information available. The attractiveness of the Yahoo tool was that it permitted for an honest cross check of Google quantified linking. The basic Google link search of allows one a black box glimpse of a few Google links to a site. These are always the weakest links and represent a tiny fraction of all inbound linking present.  An alternative to the now lost Yahoo Site Explorer is a tool named SEO Moz Open Site Explorer which can be purchased on a small budget.

Search marketing can be a difficult job without the correct tools available, tools such as the ones that were offered by Yahoo Site Explorer are essential in checking the progress of on-going projects. When we are faced with problems such as the closing of this site, search engine marketing companies have to adapt and find new tools to fill the void such as SEO Moz Open Site Explorer. At Digital State Marketing we can offer a range of digital marketing solutions to help you develop your website in a number of different ways such as pay per click campaigns, link building projects as well as initial web design and search engine optimisation.