The Seasonality of Search Marketing

//The Seasonality of Search Marketing

The Seasonality of Search Marketing

For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter – Ecclesiastes 3:1-22. This poses a predicament for search marketing campaigns – as the seasons change and keywords lose their relevancy, how do you plan a robust year round campaign? Take for example the graph below – the keyword ‘chainsaws’ shows a consistent level of traffic throughout the year and would potentially offer a good Return On Investment if a good ranking was secured. However, the summer based traffic spikes of the ‘lawn mower’ term also represent an alluring choice of keyword, with a higher rate of return if a high ranking was attained.

The Seasonality of Search Marketing

UK Google Trend Data

The predicament for search marketing companies is that we are no longer in the age of anchor text. While there are many parts of modern SEM, page structure, site speed and links profiles that will benefit all targeted keywords, content is a sticking point for diverse keyword options. Within the example above, creating useful/meaningful content that covers both topics under the topic of gardens isn’t, perhaps, a leap. But for companies that change product lines completely through the seasons, generating authority in a content niche for all the ranges can present a costly challenge. This poses the search marketing question – do you opt for more keyword groups and stretch your budget and energies across them or focus on a core group developing a level of authority for that niche?

For many, utilising PPC services as part of a larger search marketing campaign could be the simplest solution for seasonal or intermittent product lines, as there are no set time frames for advertising. Adwords also has the benefits of allowing you to develop highly tailored landing pages specific to the targeted keywords, which in turn should increase conversion rate. For example, a ‘chainsaw’ landing page could be broken down into the 3 most frequent tasks and then links to the most popular products suited to that task.

If you are not looking to invest in Adwords then the answer may be heading back to the long tail. Rather than focusing on a number of all or nothing “glory keywords”, when looking to place for a series of well trafficked but different niched terms, long tail variants really are the search marketers friend. For more about the benefits of long tail, why not contact the team?

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