A SEO company investigate best practice for shopping campaigns.

//A SEO company investigate best practice for shopping campaigns.

A SEO company investigate best practice for shopping campaigns.

Google has recently brought out a whitepaper entitled “Shape up your Shopping Campaigns” in order to help provide best practice to businesses as shopping campaigns become the default campaign type for running product listing Ads. An SEO company investigates the best practice that Google discusses in their paper.

Google highlight 3 key areas as being of uttermost importance to shopping campaigns. These are: Be There, Be Relevant and Be Optimised. These key points will be discussed in more detail below, with examples of relevant best practice.

Be There

To beat your competitors you need a strong presence that attracts consumers. Google suggest structuring your shopping campaign in a similar way to how you would stock a shop. This means giving priority to your most popular stock. They suggest focusing on product lines, bestsellers and high profit margin groups and to create a separate group for things such as seasonal items.

Be Relevant

Create relevant titles and descriptions and use high quality images. This ensures your product feed looks good and should increase CTR. Don’t overstuff titles with keywords as this may harm product placement. Match the text in your title to the text on the landing page as this promotes confidence in users as they immediately see the landing page is relevant. Another consideration is your unique product identifier and checking that this is correct.

Be Optimised

Ensure titles aren’t too long – ideally 50 characters or less to prevent truncation. Check Google Merchant Centre regularly to ensure there are no errors such as required attributes that are missing or any mismatched data. One way to avoid mismatched data is to ensure if things such as prices are updated on your website that you update your product feed at the same time.

Ensure your bids match the value of each product’s impressions and set bids that are in keeping with your goals. If conversion rates rise change your bids so they are higher. This accounts for the increased value the clicks deliver.

The whitepaper suggests that 52% of consumers would not return to a site that was not mobile friendly. This suggests that it is now time to think seriously about mobile optimisation as more and more people use their smartphones to browse online.

This article provides just a few highlights of the many things you can do to promote best practice for shopping campaigns. If you require more information on managing shopping campaigns then it is worth contacting a SEO company such as  Digital State Marketing. As a leading SEO company Digital State Marketing can provide support in all areas of your search marketing campaign from PPC to web design and content optimisation. Contact them today for more details.

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