A SEO company investigates future proofing your SEO

//A SEO company investigates future proofing your SEO

A SEO company investigates future proofing your SEO

With so many algorithm changes, and new guidelines introduced on a regular basis it can be hard to ensure your SEO complies with guidelines. Many companies who thought they were following good practice have fallen foul of google penalties so what can you do to help future proof your SEO campaign? A SEO company investigates.

Search engines such as Google and Bing have a list of guidelines that need to be followed within your search marketing campaign. These guidelines also suggest things to avoid such as hidden text, cloaking and keyword stuffing. The webmaster guidelines are updated sporadically so ensure you familiarise yourself with any updates and amend your search marketing practice based on these amendments. A reputable SEO company will keep abreast of these changes so if your search marketing is being outsourced then ensure you check the credentials of the company before you set up with them.

Ensure your SEO company is being completely honest with you. If they say they will get you to number one position in page rank within a few weeks then the likelihood is they are either lying or they are not using legitimate methods. If you want your SEO campaign to be future proofed it is far better to use an SEO company that is honest in their approach. It may only take a few weeks to increase your page rank but equally it could take over 6 months to see an improvement. SEO is slightly different for each individual. It is not a one shoe fits all business! You need to spend time discovering what works for you and your business. Although a lengthy process may be frustrating, in the long run you are likely to benefit as white hat techniques have been used and you’re not going to suddenly lose all your rankings due to a penalty. Your SEO company should be honest and set expectations with you that are realistic and achievable.

One of the key things is to think of your SEO campaign as a long term strategy. If you were to buy a house you want to invest more money to buy something good quality and with amazing contents rather than a shell that falls down after a month. Your SEO campaign is the same – think of it as a long term investment that requires quality links and fantastic, quality content.

No-one knows what changes search engines will make in the future but if you, or your SEO company follow the advice above then you are far more likely to have an SEO success story. If you would like to leave your SEO in the hands of an expert then contact the Digital State Marketing. They are Google partners and can help with all levels of your SEO campaign tailoring it to your individual needs and ensuring campaigns are future proofed.

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