When an SEO company talks about “evergreen content”, what do they mean?

//When an SEO company talks about “evergreen content”, what do they mean?

When an SEO company talks about “evergreen content”, what do they mean?

As an SEO company, we value the fundamentality of quality content for your website in order to drive better results in the online world. Today we are going to introduce a new way of defining content. Search Engine sites have recently made references to “ever green content” and the importance of its presence on our websites. On reflection, the connotations of ever green make it pretty clear the type of content we are talking about. This is the content that stays fresh for a lot longer and continues to grow and prosper in the online world, something we value as an SEO company.

So how do we produce ever green content? When writing content for your website, we will lend time and effort into producing pieces that will stay fresh and readable for a longer period of time. We will firstly ensure the content is interesting and accessible to your target audience. If not, it will not be helpful so won’t be of interest to the audience. We will then make sure the content stands out as different. This way we can produce fascinating content which is sure to keep readers engaged. Therefore, our Search Marketing Company will write about a topic that may be completely new to your audience yet useful and relevant at the same time. If your audience see an article on a news topic from a week ago they will be hesitant to read it. It fails to meet the expectations of the target audience in that it is not unique nor helpful.

Your audience want to read a piece which is informative, useful and relevant to the products they are browsing, at the time. Therefore, the information needs to be as useful and engaging a few weeks/months down the line as when it was posted. For instance, an article on the winter Olympics would not be topical content to produce during Summer time. Alternatively, a focus on Olympic success stories as a whole would work much better. It is not something a visitor to your site would come across and be disinterested and deterred by. This is what would be called “ever green” content. It is fresh, it is relevant, and it will last without quickly becoming “old news.”

Here at The Search Marketing Group, we think helpful, how-to posts are great ways to work your content. This is something that will always be useful to your target audience. Web users are always looking for ways to make their lives that little bit easier, so if your page offers this, they are sure to take a look! Obviously, content should be kept relevant to your market and must be unique. There are so many how-to articles out there you need to make yours stand out and read worthy! This way your content may lead to a purchase of your products. This is a key way of engaging your audience and bringing more traffic to your site. It ensures web users return to your site, to follow the instructions at a later date, or perhaps look for future posts. It is also somewhere they can direct their friends to due to the relevant and helpful content. This is the beauty of “ever green.” It does not matter how far down the line it is, it will still be topical to who they recommend it to.

If you are interested in an evergreen site, do not hesitate to contact a member of or team today to discuss this further.

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