SEO Company UK: The importance of Social Media to a modern business.

//SEO Company UK: The importance of Social Media to a modern business.

SEO Company UK: The importance of Social Media to a modern business.

Since the creation of Facebook in 2004, social media has rapidly gained popularity with approximately 72% of all internet users now being active on social media. Of those who use social media, 23% of Facebook users check their account 5 or more times per day. Although you may be impressed by this data, you could question why this is of interest to an SEO Company in the UK.

SEO has developed dramatically from the days of pure link-building and now encompasses a wide variety of factors that can affect not only ranking but also traffic to (and engagement with) your site. Google updates its ranking algorithm on a regular basis and one area that continues to grow in significance is social media.

Social media allows you to open up your business to a wide and varied audience. If you share good quality news and articles about your business on your social media, then this brings your business to the attention of users. If they read the article and then like or share it, this brings you into the spotlight and drives traffic to your site. It can also create a natural link to your website as it means more users see your site, which can lead to links being built as someone may reference your article or website. These links can then positively impact on rankings.

If users are liking and sharing your content, then it shows that they think the content is good. Google looks at quality content so if users are liking specific content and pages, then it is likely that Google will also like it and it will therefore rank higher.

Google+ is often forgotten about by businesses but it is in fact vital to keep this social media platform updated. Although there is a difference between correlation and causation, most SEO companies (in the UK and the US) would concur that if a Google+ page is set up correctly, has reviews and map listings and regular posts that receive interaction, then this can positively affect rankings for a site. This may be correlation rather than causation but you would be ill-advised to ignore these factors.

Matt Cutts spoke about social signals in early 2014 – stating that they did not form part of Google Search ranking algorithms. However, this contradicted what he said in 2010 where he confirmed Google did use search signals. He did state that within the next 10 years the way Google treats social signals may change, so keeping up with your social media presence is crucial.

The fact that Google Analytics references social media such as Google+, Facebook and Twitter supports this as it is a strong signal that social media is of importance.

Even if social media is not directly part of the Google search ranking algorithm at present, it is vital to keep up good social media management. The indirect benefits are valuable and if the Google algorithm changes, you don’t want to be left behind.

If you would like further information regarding the use of social media within your social media campaign, then contact the Digital State Marketing. As a leading UK-based SEO Company, we can help manage your social media campaign and provide advice and guidance on how to improve. Next month we will investigate easy ways to improve your social media and the common mistakes to avoid.

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