An SEO Company UK points out common social media pitfalls

//An SEO Company UK points out common social media pitfalls

An SEO Company UK points out common social media pitfalls

Within our previous article we investigated why it is important to have a social media presence and how social media can positively affect traffic and rankings to a website. Within this article, an SEO Company UK will investigate the common social media pitfalls that businesses fall into and how to avoid them.

Frequency of Posts

When businesses set up social media there is a tendency to post regularly for the first couple of months then posts drop off and are gradually forgotten about. As an SEO Company UK, we often see clients that haven’t posted on social media for a number of weeks or even months because they forgot or are too busy. Conversely, you sometimes see businesses that post on Facebook 5 or 6 times per day or repeatedly post the same item rather than pinning it to the top of the page. Regardless of whether you post too often or too little, it is a sure way to lose your audience. If you never post then users will forget about you and are likely to miss your occasional post. If you post too often users will get fed up of their feeds being clogged up by your posts or tweets and you then run the risk of being unfollowed.

Me, me, me

Another mistake that we often see is users that only post about their products. There are no light hearted or funny posts to cheer their users up on a miserable Monday morning and no posts that show a human element to the company. Although a business needs to talk about their products, latest offers and news, it is nice for users to see what the business is up to and to see you have thoughts and feelings. If you go to trade shows, a picture of your stand will interest users; a thank you to those who stopped to say hello at a country fair or even a picture of your desk piled high with orders show a human element that users can relate to.

No Interaction

Social Media by its very nature is an interactive platform. If users take the time to post on your wall or comment on what has been written, acknowledge this – even if the comment is negative. A quick comment, like or favourite shows recognition and makes the user feel valued. Twitter is one of the most interactive social media platforms and as a business it is crucial that you interact with other users – favourite their posts, share them if appropriate and mention other users in posts if relevant.


The final point with social media that a SEO company UK notices on a frequent basis relates to branding. You may have a lovely website with stunning images, but when we look at your social media each platform has a different image and none of them relate to the images on your website. Branding needs to be the same across social media to build recognition and trust within users. If it all looks different then it confuses users and they are less likely to follow or like you.

These are the most common pitfalls that a SEO Company UK sees within social media campaigns, however there are various other pitfalls to avoid and also key ways to increase user interaction. If you would like more details on social media management then contact the Digital State Marketing today.

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