An SEO Company in the UK’s Guide to Lengthening Content

//An SEO Company in the UK’s Guide to Lengthening Content

An SEO Company in the UK’s Guide to Lengthening Content

Long ContentThere is quite a lot of dispute about the ideal length of content out there – some say it is best to keep your content short to maintain the attention of readers, others say that posts of around 1,500 – 2,000 are best in order to provide a more in-depth approach. In reality, it probably depends on lots of other factors such as your niche and your audience, and even the particular subject matter of the post. Here at Digital State Marketing, an SEO company in the UK, our posts range from around 350 to 2,000 – all depending on how authoritative we want the piece to feel. It is always important, however, that your content is not too short as a result of it being poorly written or not thorough enough. If you feel that your content is not substantial enough for your audience then you might want to consider lengthening your content. Read on for some tips from an SEO company in the UK on lengthening content without it becoming long-winded or too wordy.

First of all, you should read through your piece and see whether there are any points that could be expanded on. It is important to explain the ‘whys’ and the ‘hows’ of what you are writing about so that your audience can fully understand your message. Don’t assume that your readers will make the same connections and draw the same conclusions as you. If you are struggling to figure out which points could be expanded on, try getting a colleague or friend to read the piece for you. A second set of eyes is always beneficial, and they will be able to pick out vague areas much easier than you will since they are less likely to be biased by already understanding the point being made.

Secondly, and similarly, you should also give examples wherever appropriate. This helps readers understand potentially complex ideas without long-winded explanations.  Using a picture can also aid with understanding and help avoid ambiguity in what you are saying whilst appealing to the more visual learners who might otherwise struggle to understand those complex ideas. Images are also a great way of breaking up text and making the piece more appealing to the eye.

Finally, you should make sure that your text is comprehensive in that it covers all important and necessary areas of your discussion. Omission of significant or essential details can result in a bad experience for the reader as they are simply not getting what they were looking for, and this can make you appear less knowledgeable and thus less trustworthy. You should not, however, stuff your post with points and leave yourself with no room for elaboration. Careful selection of the most salient points with detailed explanation and discussion is preferable to a list of every point imaginable with no expansion on those points – it may be a cliché, but it really is about quality not quantity.

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