SEO Technical Audit: G+ and the longtail in on-topic content

//SEO Technical Audit: G+ and the longtail in on-topic content

SEO Technical Audit: G+ and the longtail in on-topic content

Here at Digital State Marketing, we like to celebrate some of the holidays through reviewing what is going on around the internet, for example, visit our valentines post. While these posts are at a macro level looking at how other sites have generated engaging content, which is an seo lesson that all webmasters can benefit from, our reviews often end up ranking for a precise long tail referenced within the text. Take for example the term “red nose day social media”, for which Digital State Marketings two year old article holds a consistent position 5. This year’s April’s fool’s round up is no different, with traffic generating (comparatively small) terms such as

April Fools SERPs - 1

April Fools Keyterms - 1

It is worth noting that there are no doubt many factors that lead to this outcome, such as lack of competition on a long tail variant or our sites domain age and authority playing its part. However, over the years we have heard much anecdotal evidence, where the longtail in an article has led to a visit and ultimately a conversion. An seo technical audit can be completed by the Search Maketing Group and this will higlight things such as which keywords and long tail variants are more successful than others.

I imagine that you maybe wondering how this is related to a sentient SEO based point? Well, one of the interesting notes is the speed in which this relevant (to the event) content was cached. The post was published on the 1st April 2014 at 16:32.

April Fools Post Date - 1

After the article was posted on our MD’s G+ account on the 2nd April, despite not garnering any traffic, the article was included within Google’s index within a c.24 hour period.

Aprils Fools - ScreenRip - 1

While some may write this off as a coincidence, I think that it would be a safe bet to state that posting to G+ leads Google to cache pages more quickly. However, not all articles in our experience experience the same rate and therefore (based on this incredibly limited sample) we could postulate that keyword relevancy could be a focus as Google utilises the real time content notifications from its G+ platform.

While creating fresh and relevant content is  hardly a new concept in the post penguin world, ensuring that you are utilising platforms such as social media (especially G+) maybe becoming the key to allowing that content to realise its full potential.

If you are looking to speak to someone about an seo technical audit and developing or maximising the benefits of content on your site, why not call us at the Digital State Marketing?

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