SEO Technical Audit: Maximising Call to Action Success

//SEO Technical Audit: Maximising Call to Action Success

SEO Technical Audit: Maximising Call to Action Success

SEO technical audits are great to understand to the strengths and weaknesses of your website and because the internet is constantly evolving with it gaining larger in size, its range of accessibility becoming wider and its active users always on the rise it’s important to keep track of your website so that you can ensure progress is always being made.

SEO Tech Audit - CTAs

When seeking out information, people will generally find that trying a different website is a much easier solution in contrast to that of searching through an entire website. Regularly conducting an SEO technical audit will help provide new ideas that can be capitalised on how to improve users experience to ensure the user is assisted wherever possible to help them find what they are searching for with relative ease. One of the best ways this can be achieved is through use of call to actions and seeing how effective they are by and more importantly how they can be improved through the results of an SEO technical audit.

On top of analysing if a website uses call to actions or not, our SEO technical audits also take into account how effective they are by looking at things like how well they are strategically positioned, what colours  are used and how the text is worded. If a user is searching for something in-particular on your website, there’s a good chance they will begin their search from the homepage which creates the perfect opportunity to add valuable and clear call to actions that can grab the users attention. This technique should also be carried out across the websites top landing pages due to this being the main source of where traffic enters the website. SEO Technical audits can be a great way to inspect the top landing pages and form solutions on how these can improved to maximise call to action success rate.

As well as maximising the potential for your call to actions by displaying them on pages that receive the highest traffic, they should also be well positioned in order to further maximise their potential. The key factor for success is to make the process as easy as possible and allow your visitors to respond directly. Make sure you have a clear defined objective by creating a simple and clear message with compelling urgency to reply. Our SEO technical audits can provide information on how call to actions can be optimised in order to receive a greater amount of attention from users to achieve a higher conversion rate.

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