SEO Technical Audit: Optimising Meta Descriptions

//SEO Technical Audit: Optimising Meta Descriptions

SEO Technical Audit: Optimising Meta Descriptions

The analyses of meta-descriptions is one of the many aspects which DSM’s technical audits cover. Besides being an important factor in search engine rankings, meta-descriptions are also critical in help gaining a higher user click through rate (CTR) from the SERPs.
These short paragraphs present the ideal opportunity to explain to searchers what it is your webpage has to offer and why they should visit your website above anyone else’s. Performing an SEO technical audit can provide great insight in how these features can be modified to be the most optimal.


A successful Meta description – one that intrigues a user and encourages them to visit your website – uses text which reads naturally and also describes each webpage with clarity. Another important factor to include when writing Meta descriptions is to ensure that they display at a reasonable length in order to display correctly in the SERPs. However there aren’t a specific number of characters that can be used when measuring the length of meta-descriptions because there are various factors that will effect in how each is displayed.


Different search engines will have different style sheets that they will use to design how their search results page is displayed. The main search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo provide a set pixel width rather than a character width meaning you it’s possible to fit more of one letter over another which will result in different character lengths all of the time.
Lastly, if the page is relevant to any key terms, it’s important that these are included to help provide evidence to search engines of the relationship to these phrases as this will be a factor in elevating rankings for the website.
Our audits analyse and focus on how these features to identify the best opportunities for optimisation. To find our more information or for any other questions you may have please contact us right away and we will be more than happy to help you.

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