Country sports in general helped by SEO services

Countryside sports and activities have become almost a new fashion; in a country which is still partly is disarray from the hunting ban in 2006, with both parties still not fully pleased. Not more so than shooting. Shooting has come out ahead of football, rugby and golf in a Sport England poll about people’s satisfaction with the quality of their sporting experiences. This is great news for the sport as well as other country sports such as equine, fishing and more. This has also been helped by the increased usage of search engine optimisation for lots of countryside web sites. This form of search engine marketing undertaken by several websites has led to greater online ‘hits’ and consequently getting more people, especially youngsters, involved in modern countryside sporting activities.

Over 44,000 people took part in the survey, which saw shooting ranked fourth out of 45 different sports in the United Kingdom. The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) helped to promote the survey earlier this year by encouraging the shooting community to take part. But this does not mean that the figures have been altered drastically. The sport is still a relatively fresh and new idea for many youngsters, and one that is proving ever popular, even in more urban communities.

BASC’s director of communications, Christopher Graffius, said: “This survey highlights that in all its different forms, shooting as an experience is highly enjoyable, rewarding and can be beneficial to our rural communities. BASC understands this survey will be used to help increase the participation in sport and the satisfaction people get from taking part which has to be commended.” The results are based on responses from people age 14 and over in England, who take part in sport regularly.

Many within the countryside community will agree that country sports have been boosted recently, and this has got to be partly due to the ever-present existence of search marketing in the industry.

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