Simple steps to create the perfect PPC Ad

August 14, 2014 - Digital State Marketing

If you want someone to click on your PPC Ad then you need them to be engaged and interested. However, the Ad only has a very small space to do this in, so what elements contribute to creating the perfect PPC Ad? A search marketing company will break down the PPC Ad to look at its different elements to find areas for improvement but it is possible to evaluate this yourself. There are various areas to consider when creating a PPC Ad.

The browser is probably wanting to find a solution to a problem so your Ad needs to show it is of clear value to the browser. Focus on the keyword but also the intent behind it. They keyword phrase should also feature in the URL as this is felt to increase the relevancy of your ads and browsers are more likely to click if they think they are heading to a relevant landing page.

Your ad should show you are creditable and trust worthy. For example if you have won an award for exemplary practice in your industry area the Ad should state this as a way to show prospective customers you can be trusted. E.g. “Award winning Estate agent” inspires far more confidence than “Estate Agent”. Alternatively if you have verified 100% positive feedback this is a confidence building statement within an Ad.

If you can, try to personify the Ad as this can positively impact on CTR e.g. “1000’s of products waiting for you” rather than “search 1000’s of products”.

Having a clear call to action (CTA) is vital for your PPC Ad. The CTA needs to get your point across without appearing pushy. Techniques such as using all capslock give an “angry” vibe and should really be avoided. Using a simple term such as “buy now” or “free quote” can be improved with the addition of a simple exclamation mark. Using phrases offering things such as free trials should ultimately lead to an increase in conversions as people see it as a low risk solution as they have nothing to lose.

The CTA should give a degree of urgency to the browser so they click on it there and then rather than waiting and potentially forgetting about it. It is important the CTA in the ad is carried through on the landing page and is easily visible as soon as you reach the landing page or browsers will lose interest and click off the page.

Do not be afraid to put a qualifier in the PPC Ad as this means you will be targeting the Ad to the relevant audience rather than everyone. This should mean you receive fewer clicks from people who won’t convert.

Once these elements have been considered it is important that you ensure simple things such as punctuation and grammar are correct and that the Ad is clearly written and easy to understand. If you can’t get these right in your Ad it will do little to inspire someone to actually click.

If you run PPC campaigns (or are considering one) then it is often wise to speak to a search marketing company such as Digital State Marketing. They can perform audits on not only the PPC Ads but also on the broader campaigns ensuring they are running at their optimum levels.

If this sounds of interest then contact us here at the Digital State Marketing to see how we can help you.